Attending Open Houses in PebbleCreek can be a very pleasant weekend activity and it is a great way to get a “feel” for the community – especially if you plan to have lunch or a snack at one of our restaurants!

If you are planning to spend an afternoon touring open homes, here are some tips to get the most out of your visit:

  • On any given Saturday or Sunday you can expect that there will be Open Houses for re-sale homes.  Sometimes, there are Open Houses during the week as well.
  • This is a gated community; just let the guard at the gate know that you are attending open houses (and maybe having lunch!).  They will let you in.
  • Remember that there are two “sides” to PebbleCreek –  Eagles Nest and Tuscany Falls.  Both are entered off of PebbleCreek Parkway.  Generally, there will be Open Houses on both sides of the property on any given Saturday or Sunday.  Once you have a pass to enter one side, you will be easily let through the guard gate for the second side.
  • Pay particular attention to the various floor plans.  Which floor plans would work for you?
  • If you are already working with an agent, let the Open House hosts know as you enter each property.
  • It is NOT typical for PebbleCreek Open House hosts to serve snacks or drinks… not that it won’t happen, but don’t count on it!
  • Restrooms are also generally not available in the homes…  a good reason to visit the clubhouses where bathrooms are always available!
  • Agents will set up directional signs to help you find them… think of it as a big treasure hunt!
  • If you are looking for an agent, talking to agents at an Open House can be an easy, non-threatening way to get a feel for if you want to work with that person.   Trust me – any agent that is hosting an Open House would LOVE to work with you!

Open Houses are not for everybody.  If you have a good sense of your price range and a basic idea of the floor plan that works for you, it might be best to be more targetted in your search.  Give me a call, and I will set up a tour of homes that meet your specific needs!