Okay.  I am NOT a baseball fan.  Except when I am.

As a native of the Chicago suburbs, I owned every bit of the 2016 Cubs World Series victory and may never forget that last game of the series.   The rain delay, the extra innings, the closeness of the entire thing will all be remembered for generations.  I was watching it from Phoenix, but I damn sure was proud of the home town.

Here in Goodyear we have a spring training facility that is home to both the Cleveland Indians and the Cincinnati Reds.      The facility is clean, accessible, (relatively) new and is (literally) right down the street from PebbleCreek. As the Indians were in World Series last year, I expect tickets will be selling briskly for this year’s training season!

As a member of the 2017 Goodyear LEAD class (a Leadership Development Program for local leaders), I recently had the opportunity to take a backstage tour of the facility.  YES…  I was in the locker rooms (modest and functional!).   I was impressed by the control room where the announcer sits and where the score board is operated from.  Scoreboard operator – now there is one job I WOULD NOT WANT!  Not sure I could concentrate with so many people bustling around such a small control room!

The ballpark is an incredible resource and is used year-round for festivals, fireworks displays and other community events.  In addition, plenty of folks volunteer at the Ballpark during Spring Training – the volunteer staff is over 300 people.   What a great resource for all of the Goodyear residents – including PebbleCreekers!