After I moved to Arizona, my first real purchase was a bike.  This is before I bought the house, clothes for the climate, anything.  I really wanted a bike.  It’s got 7 speeds.  It’s white.  I haven’t named it yet.

PebbleCreek is very bike friendly, and once I am done with work for the day I park my car in the garage and use the bike or the golf cart to get around.  If I am looking for exercise, it is easy to ride as many as 10- 15 miles a day just within the confines of the development. It can be fun to cycle around, get landscaping ideas, catch up on the new construction…  and then meet a friend for lunch.  Not a bad morning.   (Read about restaurant venues at Pebblecreek here:

But it is also possible to venture out of the PebbleCreek gates on a bike and run errands.  We have wide public sidewalks that are seldom used by walkers – and are perfect for bike riding.  There is also a canal path behind PebbleCreek that links us up with a local grocery store (Safeway) with a Starbucks. Using a combination of canal path and sidewalks, I have successfully ridden to Target, the local library, the post office, the title company (I am, after all, a Realtor!), and any number of other places.  I have filled my little white basket up MANY times!

PebbleCreek has active bike riding groups for men and women… There is even a group of women here who trains for tri-atholons.  Oh My Goodness.  NOT for me right now, but never say never!