Here in PebbleCreek resales, it is not uncommon for a buyer to place an offer on a home that they have not physically seen; it is very unusual for a house to actually close, however, without the buyer physically inspecting the property.

Folks come to PebbleCreek from all over the country, and many start their search online.  Sometimes, the online pictures or the virtual tour will seem SO RIGHT that the prospective buyer will decide to make an offer even before they have seen the property.  If you have been tempted to make an offer from afar, he are some things to know:

  • Pictures don’t tell the entire story.  Camera angles can make small spaces look larger than they are. Staged homes can divert the eye from less appealing flooring or wall coverings.  Photos may not show the current condition of the home (particularly if the home is vacant).  Odors – such as from previous smoking in the home – will not be obvious. Buyers should thoroughly aquaint themselves with the various floor plans and honestly think through their space needs.  Floorplans can be found here.   A list of questions to ask about the particular Robson models in PebbleCreek can be found in this blog post.
  • Google Satellite is very helpful to judge how a home is situated on the property – and it is fun.   Take a look at it!
  • Some Seller’s Agents will advise their clients against accepting offers from buyers who have not seen the home.
  • Placing an offer from afar does not relieve buyers of the responsiblity to prove financial readiness. Sellers will expect to see proof of funds and/or a prequalifiction form on an approved Arizona form.

After buyers place an accepted offer, there is typically a ten day inspection period during which the home is set aside so the buyer can have an inspection done and further investigate the property.   During the inspection period, a buyer can generally cancel a transaction  if the home’s value and/or condition is not acceptable to them.  A buyer who has not previously seen the home should do so during the inspection period.  Working with a PebbleCreek resident Realtor will facilitate these critical negotiations.

The long and short of it goes like this:  Is it possible to make an offer on a home that a buyer has not physically seen?   Yes.   Will that offer potentially be seen by a seller as less reliable than an offer from someone who has seen the house?  Possibly.  Should a buyer finalize a transaction on a home that they have never seen?  Generally – no.