Buy A Home

Are you planning a house-hunting trip to PebbleCreek?

I LOVE introducing people to this community! Here are some suggestions to help facilitate a successful experience:

PebbleCreek has both new homes and resale properties. If you may potentially want to build, let me introduce you to the new construction team. I can help facilitate an overnight stay, set you up to meet with an expert and make sure you leave PebbleCreek with the most up to date information possible.

  • Familiarize yourself with the Buying Process!  The State of Arizona has a helpful Buyers Advisory; take a look at it as you prepare to buy.
  • Research the area!
  • Do some “homework” on the financial aspects of buying!
    • If you have a financial advisor, always a good idea to get their advice!
    • If you are a cash buyer, you will need “proof of funds” from a financial institution to make an offer.
    • If you are planning on using a mortgage, you will need to be pre-qualified using the Arizona Pre-Qual form. We can suggest lenders to help with this aspect of the transaction when you get to Arizona (in fact, using an Arizona lender often adds to the efficiency of the transaction), but if you want to use a lender that you are familiar with, you can find the form here – have it filled out before you arrive in Arizona.
    • If you are making an offer contingent on your current property closing, bring the contract for your current transaction with you – or email it to me in advance.
  • Spend some time imagining your dream home!!
    • Is there a lake view? A mountain view? A north/south orientation?
    • Are you on the golf course?
    • Is fencing necessary for pets?
    • Do you prefer a townhouse with exterior maintenance included… or would you like a single family home?
    • Are you willing to do some “updates” or would you prefer move in ready?
    • Do you need extra garage space? (our HOA does not allow overnight parking in driveways or on the street except for short-term guests).
    • How many bedrooms do you need? Can some of those bedrooms be on the second floor?
    • Do you want to have a casita?
    • Is the home “open concept”? Or are there abundant private places? Or both?
    • How about a pool? An outdoor grill? Fruit trees? Shade?
  • Pack!
    • Bring your play clothes! We have great workout facilities, tennis, pickleball, pools and golf. There is hiking nearby.

Here is the dress code for Golf:


  • Men’s shirts must have collars (turtleneck or mock-turtleneck shirts are also permitted).
  • Women’s shirts must be designed for golf (collarless and sleeveless are permitted).
  • Examples of inappropriate shirts include: T-shirt, crew-neck shirts, tennis attire, tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, tube tops, muscle shirts or swimwear.


  • All shorts, skirts or skorts must be mid-thigh in length.
  • Examples of inappropriate bottoms include: Blue denim bottoms of any kind, athletic wear, workout style, tennis attire or swimwear.


  • Shoes must be worn on the practice areas and golf courses at all times.
  • Shoes must be soft-spike golf shoes, tennis shoes or soft-soled rubber shoes.
  • Examples of inappropriate shoes include: Metal-spike shoes, baseball shoes, work boots, heels, or any type of shoe tread that could damage the soft turf.

Buying a new home can be both nerve-wracking and exciting. Choosing to buy a home in PebbleCreek will be one of the best decisions you make. I will walk you through the process and help you purchase the home – and by extension, the experience – that you are dreaming of.

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