Is summer a good time to buy or sell a home in PebbleCreek?

YES.  Absolutely yes.

If you are from out of town, pack some lightweight clothing and a water bottle and come visit us!   Granted, it will be hot – click here for a link to average temperatures to help you plan.

But, know that the heat is worth slogging through.  It just makes sense – if it is 110 degrees outside, everybody is serious about getting a deal done – folks are not just casually “looking” or selling.

The trend in PebbleCreek is that closings slow down during the summer –  from an average of 21 homes closed in June to 12-14 homes each month in July, August and September.   At the same time, we also typically see a decrease in average sales price after the busier “season” months of October to April.

For buyers, this means that while there may be fewer homes to consider than are on the market during the “season”, the homes that are on the market are likely well priced with sellers who are eager and ready to sell.

For sellers, while there may be fewer buyers walking through their homes during the summer months than might have walked through in the spring, the summer buyer tends to be a very serious looker AND, because inventory tends to be a bit low, each individual homes stands out in the market.  So, homes tend to be well priced during the summer with highly motivated buyers and sellers.

In addition, if you are visiting,  the PebbleCreek facilities will be yours to discover.  Get up early and try golf at summer rates before the sun beats down too heavily, enjoy exercise classes that have plenty of room, sip a drink at the pool while sitting in the water…  or under a shade feature.   If you want to investigate the surrounding area, head to the movies at the new Harkins Theatre – air conditioned with amazing reclining seats!

Let me know when you want to visit!   I am here all summer and look forward to helping to facilitate your next real estate transaction!