Unlike many 55 Plus Communities in Arizona, PebbleCreek is not completely built out. The builder is still here; new models are being innovated and contracting new construction is, for a couple of years anyway, an option.

Most folks know pretty quickly whether they want to build or if they would prefer to buy a home off of the resale market. (And I can help you get started with both! Don’t hesitate to contact me before you visit!)

If you are open to both approaches, here are some questions to ask yourself to help pinpoint which might be best for you:

Open Concept Living

  • Does Modern and New Appeal to You? The new models are modern, energy efficient and designed as “open concept”; and of course, the primary benefit with new construction is that you can choose your own finishes, catering to your own personal style. Additionally, you can be confident that you won’t have significant home repairs for a few years. That being said, there are always some relatively new homes that are available as resales, and many of the resale homes have been updated over the years with new flooring, appliances, HVAC and even floor plans.
  • What About the Neighbors?  Everybody is a newcomer in a new construction neighborhood and that has the potential to  lead to easy relationships. It is also true that I live in a previously established neighborhood that is starting to get many new residents… no matter where you live in PebbleCreek there will be some new folks around.
  • Does Location Matter?  New construction is staged by area so only certain lots will be available at any given time. Buying an older home gives you access to the many different PebbleCreek neighborhoods and also lets you know how your home will feel when the neighborhood is fully built out! How close is the neighbor’s house really going to be? What will the view be like after the neighbor builds a fence? Existing homes won’t leave you with those questions. Keep in mind too that buying new construction may mean that your neighborhood is under construction for more than a year.
  • Is Time a Factor?  Generally, existing homes are available MONTHS before new construction would be possible. Particularly for folks who are planning on being part time residents, waiting for new construction can mean missing an entire year of enjoying Arizona.
  • What About Costs?  For the most part, older homes will be more affordable than new construction and will give you a known price before you are under contract. That being said, many buyers plan to update older homes – and that certainly can add to the uncertainty and the expense. New construction will have additional expenses as well. Unlike most resales, new homes do not come with refrigerators, washers, dryers, ceiling fans, window treatments or landscaping – all of which easily adds up to tens of thousands of dollars. In addition, new home prices generally don’t include upgrades – and just about everything can be upgraded! (You want to get at least an idea of what the upgrades will cost before signing a new construction contract….!)

I have always said that new construction and resales don’t really compete with each other here in PebbleCreek because they offer such different buying experiences, price points and products. Whichever is right for you, let me know how I can help!

Active Adult Living at PebbleCreek