The active adult lifestyle is, if the brochures are to be believed, an outdoor experience.  Swim, play golf, go hiking, bike ride, walk, dine and enjoy happy hours basking in the perfection of desert living.

To that I would say Yes.   There are months when the weather is perfect and one would be a fool to be inside.  And No.  There are times when the weather service issues warnings suggesting that everyone severely limit their time in the sun.  To get a better sense of our weather,  click here.

Having lived in many other places in the United States, I am confident that nowhere is perfect ( I do hear that San Diego is close to perfect, but I can’t afford to live there!) The heat, humidity and bugs in the mid-Atlantic can be stifling.  The snow and ice in the midwest are disruptive and a health hazard for many people.  Most climates are going to have draw-backs.

As a year-round resident of PebbleCreek, my summer strategy comes down to a few simple adjustments:

  • Get up early and exercise – usually outside – before it gets really hot.  A whole day spent in air conditioning does not sound like fun…  I get up early and get going!

  • Drink water!   I carry my water bottle everywhere I go.

  • Take advantage of the many PebbleCreek public spaces.   PebbleCreek public spaces are well air conditioned.  Head to the library, the gym, the arts building…  we are increasing our wi-fi capabilities throughout the community, so all of the public spaces are just a click away from home.  Read about some of our public spaces here.

  • Make Friends!   Many PebbleCreek residents rent property away from the desert for a month or two in the summer.  My neighbors head to Big Bear in California – and yes, I scored an invitiation!   (I won’t stay for a month, but it will be a nice get-away).

  • Head to the pools at night.   Public pools are open until 11 pm – take some snacks and stargaze!

  • Use the summer months to visit family.   And then invite family to visit you when their hometown is covered knee-deep in snow!

The pace at PebbleCreek definitely changes during the summer as many folks head to places unknown.  Those of us who live here year-round love having the facilities to ourselves; we’re happy to welcome everyone back in the fall, but summer is a great time to be at PebbleCreek – as long as you make adjustments for the heat!