In my job, I get pool envy ALL OF THE TIME.  There is something so incredibly soothing about walking in to a home and having one’s eye drawn outside to a beautiful blue expanse of water …  and if there is a water feature too, there is the additional pleasure of just hearing the rythymic and gentle cascade.  My blood pressure falls just imagining it.

Pools add value to a home even if no one ever swims in them….  they can be beautiful, comforting…  even meditative.

And in the 55 Plus Community of PebbleCreek, many people choose to have a pool so that they are not bound by the rules about children using the community facilities – no need to consult the rules when the grandkids visit, just let them run out to the backyard!  Add an outdoor kitchen and a backyard can truly be transformed in to a private resort.

However, before taking on a home with a pool, you may want to consider a few things:

  • What will the upkeep costs be?  Professional monthly maintenance will likely be $100 – $150 a month.   In addition, consider the plants around the pool – will leaves and other plant debris land in your pool if it storms?  You will end up doing that removal…  or paying extra for it.
  • How much temperature control do you want?  Heating a pool can easily run in to the hundreds of dollars a month.  Some folks add solar heaters to their pool system to defray some of that cost.  Are you interested in having a separate in ground spa?  Can that be heated without heating the pool?  In the summer, the smaller pools can become bathtub warm…  will you want a pool chiller?
  • Are you comfortable with wildlife?  It is almost inevitable that the occasional creature will drown in the pool.  A bunny…  or other tiny land mammal…  not to be a downer, just to let you know.  It is also true that birds may be drawn to the pool.
  • What about liability?  Clearly, there will be liability adjustments on your home owners’ policy.  Depending on your comfort and how often small children will be visiting you, there may be a need to build additional gates or install some sort of pool alarm system.
  • How old is the equipment?  Pool pumps definitely do not last forever.  Even if you are not a fan of home warranties, it will be wise to put the pool equipment under warranty.

For those who want a pool, there is nothing better – it completes the home in a way that feels almost necessary.  For those who are on the fence, a pool may be a larger commitment than it makes sense to take on.  Either way…  decisions do not need to be made all at one time – pools can be both installed after construction and filled in when no longer desired.