Many of my clients want to know about medical care options in the Phoenix West Valley.

I am fortunate in that I have not yet been a huge consumer of medical care. I have a doctor. She wants me to come in twice a year. I do. I fuss about the ten pounds that I tend to gain or lose depending on what time in the year we are in. And we move on. That’s about it.

There are many Urgent Care Options

That being said, one of the first things I noticed when I moved to PebbleCreek was just how many Urgent Care facilities there are in the West Valley. Seemingly, they are on every corner… and some are full fledged emergency rooms. (I did have to use an Urgent Care once for a PickleBall injury… !)

And then there are hospitals with emergency rooms. The closest one to PebbleCreek is Abrazo – a quick 4.5 mile drive. Keep in mind, too, that at the entrance to PebbleCreek – at the Tuscany Falls gate – is a fire station with trained personnel.

In addition to Abrazo, Banner has a hospital in the West Valley and the Mayo properties are popular with many residents. The VA hospital in Phoenix is also an important part of the health care menu; there is even a VA clinic in the West Valley.

PebbleCreek residents often share feedback on medical specialists of every kind on the resident-only electronic comment board. That resource is good for so many things! Yes… it will help you research doctors, but you can also sell things, get restaurant recommendations, borrow tools, get tips for family visits… you name it.

For many people, one of the trickiest parts of any move is trasitioning health care providers. A move to PebbleCreek will offer the opportunity to maintain a high level of preventive care and offer the comfort of highly rated emergency services available within close proximity.