I just got back to PebbleCreek after spending the weekend in Santa Fe.   And, (not by choice!), ended up flying to New Mexico but renting a car to drive back to Goodyear.  The good news is that I got a feel for both the flight and the road… even if, by adding the drive, the trip did take longer than expected.

Many, many PebbleCreekers end up driving through Santa Fe and/or Albequerque; not only are they fascinating destinations,  they are also ideally located for folks driving to Phoenix from Denver and pretty much all of the midwest.   If you have never done the drive before and are planning on doing it, here are some tips I can offer:

  • Look at a map!   I trusted my GPS and it took me from Albequerque through vast panoramas of native land and unimproved landscape, eventually putting me on 87 just northeast of Scottsdale.  It was a BEAUTIFUL drive (I may never have seen such a spectacular sunset) and as the crow flies, I am sure that it was the shortest route.  But it is a desert drive:  gas stations are (to say the least) few and far between.  Some of it is just two lanes.  I am really not sure how it would have gone had the car broken down.  Rest stops are not plentiful – hear me on on this!   I just drove; stopped once for gas and kept on trucking.  Put on my music and sang with abandon the entire way.  I LOVED it.   But there was a more conventional route that I might have been tempted to take had I actually looked at a map!
  • Sometimes it makes sense to take the Interstate.  For drivers who like the well travelled byways, the trip from Albequerque is pretty much one turn.  Take route 40 west and travel south on 17 in to Phoenix.  Easy peasy.

As someone whose primary life experience has been East of the Mississippi in the midwest and mid-Atlantic states,  these vast expanses of road over miles and miles of desert were new to me and DEFINITELY worth respecting and planning around.

Overall, it is an eight hour or so drive from PebbleCreek to Santa Fe….  or a one hour flight.   I enjoyed both.