It is not uncommon for family members to step in to provide guidance and assistance when it comes time to sell a PebbleCreek property. Most of us have done it – I played that role in Wheaton, IL when my dad sold his home.

There are floorplans on this website that might be helpful as you plan for furniture removal and potential repairs.

More often than not, as I was,  family members are out of town Рeven across the country Рand are well versed on the financial aspects of the potential sale, but may know little about the real estate market here. Occasionally, with every good intention, the family will ask their trusted local Realtor for a referral in Arizona and someone will know someone else and a wonderful Realtor with no experience at all in PebbleCreek will end up listing the house.

There are several reasons that it is critically important to list a PebbleCreek home with a PebbleCreek resident Realtor. First, most of the resident Realtors regularly tour each other’s listings to increase the home’s exposure. In this way, our homes are seen by, on average, 10 -12 Realtors who work primarily in PebbleCreek. Depending on the demands of their buyers, those same folks may NEVER see a home listed by an outside agent. So, one question to ask a Realtor you are considering working with on a sale is, “Will the home be on the PebbleCreek Realtor Tour?”

Another reason to work with a PebbleCreek resident realtor is that pricing is tricky here. We are a small part of a zip code, and prices inside our gates vary considerably from prices outside. It is important to work with someone who has regular working knowledge of our pricing and models.

Third, we can easily point you toward auction houses and trades people who are familiar with the block construction used here and can work with you to facilitate the transition from PebbleCreek. We are actively engaged with professionals from a wide variety of disciplines on a daily basis.

Helping a loved one move out of PebbleCreek is not easy. Most everyone really wants to stay! But in the event you are offering assistance to a loved one or making decisions for a family member, be aware that listing a home with a PebbleCreek resident Realtor has many, many hidden advantages!