I have a fairly BIG yard.  It is full of plants that would never survive in my native midwest and east coast enviornments; it is dependent on a full yard irrigation system; and it requires professional oversight.  Every month or so, I scub down the front and back patios in an attempt to keep up with bird poop, bunny droppings and dust.  Still, it offers privacy that I crave, beauty that comforts me – and potential!  Heck, I could install a pool or have a casita built if I wanted to.

Many homebuyers, particularly those who come from places other than the American southwest, don’t give the yard much of a thought when they move to PebbleCreek.  I know I didn’t.  I didn’t include landscape costs in my budgeting – or ask any questions about the irrigation system or the plants.   Now, I encourage folks who are moving to the active adult community of PebbleCreek to research landscape costs.  I also encourage buyers to ask about the irrigation pipe system – which many homeowners are converting to PVC.   That conversion, which requires the yard to be dug up and all of the pipes to be replaced, can get pricey (costs vary depending on the yard) – but only needs to be done once. Of course, the water also shows up as a separate expense.  Beyond that, it is  true that like everything else, the irrigation system will require eventual maintenance of the control box, the buried pipes and the plastic ends if the system uses them.  None of the expenses end up earth shattering – but there is nothing free about a yard!

Owners of the PebbleCreek Villas, which are townhouses in the community, do not have any landscaping expense.  Villas are governed by two HOAs – the main one that all residents come under and a second one that takes care of all external property needs – including the roof, the stucco and all of the landscaping (yes, even the water!).  The second Villa HOA fee, as I type, is $150 a month.   The Villas Governing documents are available on the PebbleCreek website.

For many people, the landscaping expense of a private home is well worth it – the privacy and the beauty outweigh the expense and the regular cleanup and maintenance.  For others, the Villas are the perfect opportunity to live the active adult lifestyle with no concerns around potential unexpected landscaping expense.  (Such as the one I am having today….   just sayin’)!