Yes!  The Active Adult Lifestyle in PebbleCreek does not require that you be 55.

Remembering that I am not a lawyer and if this is a serious matter for you you might want to ask a lawyer to review the documents, according to our HOA Covenants, 20% of the homes here in PebbleCreek may be occupied by someone who is at least 40 years old (check out items 4, 5 and 6!).   As of this writing, there is no problem with the 20% limitiation.

What does that mean for you?  Here are some scenarios..  generally, if a couple moves here and one of the individuals is 50 and the other is 45… that will work.  It will also work if one of the individuals is 42 and the other is 37 – as long as one person is at least 40, you would be fine.  I was not 55 when I moved here…  although I have definitely surpassed that milestone a couple of times by now!!!

The age restrictions are significant as it relates to minors.  Generally, no one who is under 19 can live in PebbleCreek as a “permanent” resident.   It is rare – but I have seen it happen – that a resident finds themselves unexpectedly and permanently caring for young children.  In that event, the family would not be able to reside in PebbleCreek – and would not want to!   PebbleCreek is great, but not for students who need friends, school buses, playgrounds, etc..   We have none of that.

At the same time, adult children (older than 19 but perhaps not even 40) sometimes decide to move in with their parents…  perhaps living in the casita, on the second floor, or just taking over the guest room.  That is fine and happens with some regularity.  As long as one person in the household meets the age requirements, the restrictions are satisfied.

For the most part, it is also possible for a young person who does not meet the age criteria to purchase a home here …  and then have parents (who do meet the age criteria)  occupy the property.

Of course, the majority of folks who live in PebbleCreek are retired and over 55 years of age.  And everything is sort of set up for that age group – club meetings are generally during the day; restuarants are closed by 8; entertainment is geared to the 55 plus group.  But for folks who would like to move here before they turn 55, age is not a completely limiting factor.

When you visit PebbleCreek, if you want to discuss this issue directly with the HOA, I would be happy to set that up for you.