PebbleCreekers get PLENTY of visitors.

The question is not IF you will have visitors if you move here, but how you want to house them when they come!   It makes sense – and will improve your hosting experience – to have realistic plans for how you will welcome guests.  One way to start thinking about guests is to look at the floor plans and consider how you might use and/or reconfigure the space:   Click here to see the floor plans.     Keep in mind, when looking at the floor plans, that a  typical “office/den”  at PebbleCreek is not enclosed – generally it will be open without a door unless a previous owner closed the space in.

Another thing to consider is that the Wigwam Resort  is very close by, lovely and fun to visit.   Maybe it makes sense for you to buy the home that works for you on a daily basis – which will likely be smaller and more affordable than a house that works well for guests – and then house your guests at the Wigwam or other nearby resort/hotel when they come.

If there is any chance that you may have long term guests (parents, grown children), a casita is a good thing to consider.   Casitas at PebbleCreek can be attached or detached to the main house…  and if you want to think about it that way, the second floor of some of the bigger models could be considered a casita as well.   Whether attached or detached, a casita is private with a bedroom, bathroom and closet.  Some even have a separate sitting room, a microwave and a fridge.

If I had a long term visitor – an aging parent or a down-on-their-luck adult child, the only option that would work for me would be a casita.  Casitas are inviting, often include a courtyard entry to the main home, and offer everyone much appreciated privacy.

It is a real pleasure to share your home and your active adult community lifestyle with loved ones.  Spending time thinking through how you want to use your home to welcome guests will only add to and enhance the memories that you will build in PebbleCreek.