PebbleCreek is close enough to Las Vegas to make it an easy – and affordable! – short get away.  And just far enough away to not become a bad habit!

The drive is about 4.5 hours depending on who is driving.  Having done it myself, I would recommend not planning on tackling the drive at night.  The road is just two lanes in places, and tends to feel isolated (albeit with plenty of truck traffic) at night.  During the day, the trip is pleasant and the Hoover Dam is an easy stop along the way.

If you are interested in the Hoover Dam, do some research before you go.  When we went, we were able to drive through the complex without paying.  We got out of the car and looked around but did not take the time to do the tour – too much gambling/eating/showing to look forward to!

I go back and forth about the better “get to Vegas” option – driving or flying.  The flight from Sky Harbor to Vegas is just 45 minutes.  The flight attendants can barely serve coffee.  But, there is the drive to the airport, and the parking, security and then transportation from the Vegas airport to the hotel.  Flights can be had for between $100 and $150 if you plan in advance (Southwest does the route several times a day).   Door to door, the time commitment for driving and flying is probably about the same.

And then you are in Vegas!   I do like my slot machines!  Current favorites are Game of Thrones (was that a TV show?  Never watched it if it was!), House of Cards (again, I know it is based on a show of some kind, but never watched it!) and The Wizard of Oz at the Flamingo.  But you can only gamble so much.

Meals are fun… if I feel like treating myself, I’ll head to Mesa Grill at Caesars for the Pumpkin Soup; if I am just plain hungry, I’ll go to the buffet at The Orleans.  Just depends on the mood – there is certainly something for everyone.  Many of the TV personality chefs have restaurants in town and it is fun to visit their restaurants and see how their personalities translate in to real life.  Someday I will get to Tom Colicchio’s  Craftsteak…  just haven’t done that yet.

If you count steps, there is NO PROBLEM staying above 10,000 steps.  If you are able, you will probably get in that many before breakfast.  But I will always take gym clothes.  Most of the hotels have well thought out exercise spaces and spa facilities.  If I have time, and I really want peace and quiet, I will check in to Canyon Ranch at the Venetian on a day pass and enjoy their work out rooms, quiet spaces and whirlpools.  Relaxing – and easily cheaper than gambling given my track record!

Living in PebbleCreek offers plenty of opportunity and some folks never really feel the need to venture too far away.  But if you want to explore the western United States, we are ideally located for easy day trips and short getaways.