I am a library person.  When we moved to PebbleCreek, we had to build bookshelves for our own book collection.  And I am convinced that at least a quarter of the 2,000 pounds of stuff that we moved from DC to Arizona was books – we certainly did not move much furniture!

That being said, in the move to PebbleCreek I was leaving an incredibly deep public library system as well as a university library consortium  that I was able to use as an alum.  Basically, I could get just about anything that I wanted from the library. I knew I was lucky.

PebbleCreek is served by the Maricopa Public Library.  To be fair, the Maricopa system does not have the depth that I had previously enjoyed.  When wandering off of the best-sellers list, there will be one or two titles by an author – not an entire collection.  But, it is still an amazing – and growing – resource. Check it out by clicking here.

We have two convenient branches.  Oddly, the Litchfield Park branch is closer to PebbleCreek than the Goodyear branch, but it is also more heavily browsed.  I have had more luck finding recently reviewed books at the Goodyear branch than Litchfield Park.  Both libraries have volunteer opportunities, community events and helpful staff.   If they don’t have something in their collection, they will help you find it – it just may take some time.

In addition, PebbleCreek has two resident-maintained libraries – one at each clubhouse.  Both have a growing and diverse collection and are run on the honor system.  Just pick something up, read it, and return it when you are ready. The clubhouse libraries also have puzzle collections and I am on a puzzle kick right now!  Just pick up a puzzle, work at home, and bring it back when you are done with it.  I’ve got a 1,000 piece one started – it may be on the table for awhile!

PebbleCreek is full of folks with a passion for reading and learning.  The Life Long Learning program is chock full of activities that support exploration, friendships and new ideas.  Check out the link by clicking here.   here:

Come see us at PebbleCreek – we would love to meet you!