The names provide huge hints to the history.

The Active Adult Community of PebbleCreek is officially in Goodyear, Arizona –  and yes, the city has historical ties  to the Goodyear Tire Company.   Click here if you want to know more about the city.

Today, no visit to PebbleCreek is complete without a trip to Litchfield Park.  It’s an easy trip… from some homes here in the community, it is just a quick 6 blocks down the street.

Litchfield Park is dominated by The Wigwam Resort.    Seasonally, The Wigwam hosts free Sunday evening concerts; the resort has a wonderful Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa, and boasts the golf, swimming and dining options of any upscale retreat.  For PebbleCreekers it is a great option for overnight guests or an evening out.

Goodyear has many of the national chain restaurants and stores that are available in similarly sized suburbs throughout the United States.  Litchfield Park is different – there is a very small town “vibe”.  My favorite restaurant there is right across from The Wigwam – Old Pueblo Cafe.   Especially when the weather is nice, Old Pueblo is a great place to sit outside with some chips, some salsa and a margarita. There is nothing fancy about it – it’s just easy, casual and fun.   

Right in the center of Litchfield Park is a traffic circle (which I cannot negotiate without thinking of the east coast cities!).  When art festivals come to town (and there are several each year), the main stage is set up at the circle.  From the circle you can see The Wigwam, a local elementary school, and the library. If you have found the circle, you have found the town.

When folks come to PebbleCreek to visit, I always encourage them to get off the major roads – the I-10 and the arteries with immediate access – and check out some of the smaller communities that are hidden away behind the palm trees.  They are well worth a visit!