Most of my buyers who are new to PebbleCreek end up saying, at some point during the home buying process, some version of this: “I am NEVER moving again; I will let them take me out feet first.” Morbid I guess. But I hear it ALL the time.

I am pretty sure I said the same thing. I moved to this community when I was 52 years old (for more about age restricitions in a 55 Plus Community, check out this post). I was moving from the Washington, DC area – so it was a lengthy and complicated move involving a long term rental in Scottsdale and plenty of physical work and emotional heartache to endure. NO WAY I was doing another move.

And so far, I am still in my first PebbleCreek house. But, as I have lived here for a few years now, I have found that there is nothing AT ALL unusual about folks selling their first PebbleCreek home within the first five years or so of owning. Most will move within the community. Others will move back to areas where they have family support.

Buying a home is stressful enough without the added – and completely self imposed – stress that comes from attempting to envision a future that may or may not materialize and buying a home that attempts to anticipate future needs and wants for what often amounts to decades in to the future.

So, my advice would be: Don’t Do That. Buy a house that meets your current needs expecting that the the community is in demand and that you can sell and move around if you need to.

Maybe your first PebbleCreek house is a second home for use just a few months a year; it is not uncommon for buyers to buy a property that they believe will serve both purposes – the 2nd home for now and the primary home for a few years later when the buyers retire and move to Arizona full time. Sounds great. More often than not, however, the home that makes TOTAL sense as a second home feels cramped when it is coverted to a full time residence.

Life is full of surprises – most of which are generally not anticipated or they wouldn’t be surprises! More often than not, as I have watched my PebbleCreek friends move through the unexpected or unforseen, those friends move. They move because they have to for financial reasons, or their families insist or the emotional baggage of the home becomes too much. Maybe the house is too big or too small. Life changes often demand new front doors from which to enter the world.

Your new PebbleCreek home does not need to be a forever house – and it very likely won’t be. Which is one reason why buying a home in PebbleCreek makes SO much sense. Our location just a mile off the I-10 expressway within commuting distance of Phoenix in the growing city of Goodyear, AZ provides assurance that we are going to be the 55 Plus Active Adult community of choice in the Phoenix area for years to come.

Buy a house that works for your life as it is right now. In PebbleCreek currently, the average days on market hovers around 75 days. So, it is reasonable to think that if your life changes… and you want sell your home so that you can buy a bigger house… or a smaller one… or one with a 3 car garage and a pool… you will be able to do so.