It is so easy to meet people at PebbleCreek.   Here in Arizona, that is not always the case – particularly if you do not have small children with whom to visit the parks and schools.

Arizona homes tend to be built with attached garages that have an entrance to the home.  Most of us NEVER use our front door or our house keys – we just come and go through the garage.  Which is fabulous – it is my first garage of my adult life and I hope to never go without again.   But it also means that you really have to make an effort to meet your neighbors; you could easily never be seen outside – especially if your back yard is fenced.   Without a central gathering point, like a school in a family neighborhood, it is easy to feel a bit lost.

That is one reason that 55 plus communities make so much sense.  For the most part, everyone who lives here has made a deliberate decision to move to a place where there is planned and structured interaction.   You don’t have to avail yourself of it, of course, but if you want to get out and meet people it is easy to do so.  And with over 4,000 homes in the community and more being built every day, it is more than possible to find folks who share similar interests and shared backgrounds.  Click here to get more information on planned activities at PebbleCreek.

You know, despite the fact that my first career was very heavy in socializing and meeting people, I have literally never had more friends and acquaintances than I do since moving here.   Just today, I made plans to hike with a friend, and next week I am taking a day trip in to Phoenix/Scottsdale with another friend to do some adventuring.  This weekend, I am going to happy hour with neighbors.

The Realtor group here in PebbleCreek is also hugely supportive and fun to work with.  If you are considering a move to PebbleCreek, keep in mind that by working with a PebbleCreek resident Realtor (like me!) you are choosing to work with someone who knows the homes, the inspectors, the title companies and the other Realtors!   Having that sort of coordination really makes a difference in creating a smooth and efficient real estate transaction!