I moved to PebbleCreek from the Washington, DC area…  and so, many of my friends, not to mention a brother and a sister, are on the east coast.  Dad still lives in our suburban Chicago hometown.   I am proud of my roots,  deeply established in the rural farming communities that grew up along the railroads in Illinois, and I treasure the time that I spent as a young adult in the east coast cities of Philadelphia and DC.

But make no mistake about it – and I admit to being surprised – Arizona is home to me now.

During the holidays, it is easy to get nostalgic for the snow and the lights…  the cold…  the darkness that is a deep winter night in the midwest.  I miss the sharpness of the air before a snow and the silence just after snow has fallen.  (I do not miss shovelling snow or anything about snow after it has been on the ground for 24 hours.)

To quell the nostalgia, I recently took a weekend trip to Chicago and got my fill of snow and cold winter nights.  It was fun.  But now that I am back at PebbleCreek, I am delighted with our 70 degree temperatures, golf cart transportation and perfect golf days!  A weekend was more than enough time to remind myself that, Norman Rockwell paintings aside, the holiday spirit really does not require snow.

What the holiday spirit does require – at least for me – is people.  And, from that vantage point, PebbleCreek may be the best place I have ever celebrated the holidays.  Most everyone in this community comes from somewhere else.  Largely, we are a group of people attempting to craft the next stage of our lives in a vibrant and challenging community.  We need each other.  And we celebrate each other.  Homes are decorated.  Meals are shared.  Doors are open.  Stories are shared.  Turns out, that’s just about all that I need to create a memorable holiday season.

Wherever you are..   ENJOY!!