There is no shortage of creative and performing arts at PebbleCreek – from participating in creative arts to attending performances by residents and touring groups. Recently, Tonic Sol Fa, a well know professional accapella group, was performing here. And just this weekend, I was able to see residents (some of whom definitely have professional acting backgrounds) perform in a production of 12 Angry Jurors. I LOVE it when I can enjoy high quality productions right here in PebbleCreek.

But sometimes, it is fun to venture out and see what is happening in Phoenix and the greater West Valley.

I was fortunate to be able to see Billy Joel perform at the the outdoor Chase Stadium. It was early March, so I wasn’t so sure about attending an outdoor concert – but I am so glad that I did! He sounded GREAT. And the setting – with the moon rising and stars coming out – felt special and so right for his music. He is one of those performers who you are aware of even if you aren’t really a fan – a soundtrack of your life kind of guy. And it was great to see him… Happily, I think the trip in to Phoenix was just 30 minutes – an easy thing to do from PebbleCreek.

That’s me on the right at Kelly Clarkson!

Another little jaunt was to see Kelly Clarkson at Gila River Arena – a very convenient West Valley venue – just a few miles from PebbleCreek. Kelly is one of those artists who I am aware of but I don’t necessarily follow. She has been a judge on The Voice and won American Idol, but I wouldn’t have said that I was a fan. Until I saw this concert. Her voice is INCREDIBLE, and she is another one of those artists who probably has at least one song that you know… even if you have never heard of her. She is starting a talk show in the fall and I predict it will be a HUGE hit.

Another GREAT event… The Hamilton Sing Along at the Van Buren in downtown Phoenix. Great Venue; Superb Talent. SO FUN!

Living in PebbleCreek gives you easy access to the Phoenix metro area and its wide diversity of experiences – as well as a wealth of opportunities even if you never leave the community. A visit to PebbleCreek can include all sorts of things… let me know if you need some ideas!