As people plan to move to Arizona, I hear it a lot… “We are really not joiners…..; it does not make sense to move to an Active Adult Community.”

It IS true that 55 Plus Communities market themselves as places to get involved And for many people, knowing that there is bound to be something of interest to do is a huge reason for choosing to live in a community like PebbleCreek.   For some folks, though, “getting involved” sounds like what I used to call “Mandatory Fun.”  And if it’s mandatory, it’s not much fun.   

I might almost put myself in the category of a non-joiner.  I am active in the gyms, definitely patronize the restaurants and I do visit the libraries…  but I am not currently a faithful participant in anything.  And it is more than worth it to me to live in an active adult community.  Why?

  • My neighbors and I have quite a bit in common even if it is just our relatively similar age.  We have the same reference points.  We are facing similar challenges.  We have time to at least say hello – or share a cup of coffee.  A typical family oriented community is wonderful for families, but, particularly as a senior adult newcomer to the neighborhood, it could be challenging to find much in common with the neighbors.
  • No one has lived here their entire lives.  Yes, we have folks who have lived in PebbleCreek for 20 years, but almost by definition, the community is continually changing – making it more than receptive to new residents.
  • There is a back up plan.  Here in PebbleCreek, which is a gated community, we have 24 hour Patrol guards who can help with things like jump starting batteries, towing broken down golf carts and trouble shooting things that come up.   We also have an extensive group of volunteers to help with rides to doctors, loans of medical equipment, freindly visiting and things like that.  You might never need any of it – but, on the other hand, you might.

Usually, when people claim the “Non Joiner” title, they are not suggesting that they want to live alone in their living room watching television every day.  Rather, they are saying that as they move to a new community they want to meet people in a natural way that does not feel contrived and does not, at least at first, require much of a commitment.  For me, that is exactly what the Active Adult Lifestyle offers and what may be lacking in the communities where the bulk of the residents are raising families, going to work, and preoccupied with everything BUT the senior couple who just moved in next door.