You CAN still wear a mask if you want to or need to. But it is optional.

You can sit at the bar – on a bar stool. You don’t need an appointment to go to a pool or the gym. Shows are coming back to the theatre. All those signs that tell you to STOP are down off the doors. It feels good.

At the same time, as I type, it is 114 degrees outside. There is no way to sugar coat that, but frankly, the community still feels active: there are folks on the treadmills, the pools are well attended and the restaurants are as busy as they can be given the nationwide shortage of hospitality workers. I’ll take it.

Our real estate market is CRAZY and has been for months. While the number of sold resale homes to date exceeds last year, the number of homes available on the market is historically low. And when I say historically low I mean 10 homes – compared to 60 or 70 in recent years. This means that homes are selling quickly, in some cases literally before they even show up as active on the market.

Until the market stabilizes (and I don’t have a crystal ball for when that will happen) buyers need to be ready to pounce when they see a home that they like. This means, for buyers who will use a mortgage, talking with a lender in advance and getting the required prequalification form signed off and ready to go. Cash buyers need to be ready to show proof of funds.

YES. It is currently summer in Arizona, so it is hot. But, we are so excited to be able to be out and about with friends again that we can’t be bothered to complain (too much) about the heat. Come visit! Most everything is slowed down, easy going and under capacity!