Is it COLD where you are?  Here in Goodyear, Arizona, as we start the new year, we are looking forward to a high of 74 degrees.  Not the 85 degress that I would call pretty much perfect – but also not the 10 degrees that so many of my family and friends are experiencing.  (Yes, I celebrated New Year’s with some laps in the pool…  which had plenty of room for visiting families!)

If the snow and ice are making you think about reloacting to an active adult community in Phoenix, here are some resale statistics for PebbleCreek, Goodyear, AZ to get you thinking!   (keep in mind that these numbers are deemed reliable but not guranteed….)

  • In calendar year 2017, there were 231 PebbleCreek resales, compared to 248 in the year before and 243 in 2015.
  • Resale prices have increased 8% (2016 to 2017) and days on market have remained essentially the same at between 81 and 85 days.
  • Just less than half of the resale property sold this past year was priced between $250 and $350,000.   About 30% was priced between $350 and $500,000.
  • Over a quarter of the homes currently (1/2/2018) active on the resale market are priced over $500,000 – but that price point accounted for only 11% of sales in 2017.   It seems likely that the percentage sold from that price point will exceed 11% in 2018, although this apparently shifting market is adding new construction options in to the mix for some buyers.
  • The average square footage of the 2017 sales was 2,031 sq. ft. compared to 1,919 sq. feet in the prior year.
  • Just over 21% of the homes sold on the resale market in 2017 were built in 2007 or later.
  • On average, resale homes in PebbleCreek sold for 97% of final list price and 95% of original list price. This is a savvy market with well educated buyers and sellers; neither overpricing nor under-bidding homes are strategies that work well here.
  • As we enter 2018, there are 68 active listings and 25 homes under contract.
  • With 25 PebbleCreek resale homes currently (1/2/2018) under contract, we have a glimpse in to how sales in early 2018 will fall in to line.   Here is a snapshot of the 25 homes:
    • Average list price is $416,509 (we won’t know sales price until they close). 7 are priced over $500,000.
    • Average square footage is 2,218 sq. ft.
    • 4 were built before 1996; 9 between ‘97 and ‘02; 7 between ‘03 and ’10; and 5 between ‘11 and ‘17.
    • Average price per sq. ft. is about $190.

Happy New Year!!!