After 3 months of record numbers of resales in PebbleCreek, both April and May showed a slight decline.  Even with that, 2018 re-sales (130 through May) exceed the same period in 2017 (109 resales) and 2016 (110 resales).  Of course, some of that growth is likely due to the fact that Robson continues to build here, increasing the number of homes available every year.  But even factoring in PebbleCreek’s ongoing growth, it remains clear that we are a strong and desirable community.

As of the end of May there were 33 homes under contract and waiting to close.  That number has remained relatively constant for March, April and May of this year.  The average list price of the homes waiting to close is about $418,000 – slightly inflated due to one of the homes being listed over $800,000!

Average sales price is something to keep an eye on.  If we take the first five months of this year and compare that average sales price with full years of any year before, we can say that Average Sales Price continues to increase (see the Sold Homes: Average Sales Price slide).  However, on a month to month basis (see the Sold Homes: Average Sales Price Month to Month slide), average sales price is relatively flat compared to last year.  ($362,000 last year vs $361,000 this year).  Between 2016 and 2017 there was an 8% sales price increase; I do not expect that trend to continue this year…  which is a good thing!   We don’t want to see a pricing bubble!