If you follow this blog, you know I don’t let FOUR MONTHS go by without a post. Let’s just say that my recent hosting conversion did not go well and some content was lost.

So, I am bummed about that. But we shall carry on.

One of the lost posts was about Luke Air Force Base, which is near PebbleCreek and trains many of the world’s fighter jet pilots. For many veterans who live in PebbleCreek, the base is a place of connection and resources. For all of us, it is an opportunity to watch planes that are piloted by some of the best pilots in the world.

Luke Days is a much anticipated annual or biennial air show, put on by the fliers, that many folks here look forward to; the aerial stunts are memorable and MANY of them are visible from PebbleCreek patios.

That being said, some buyers find the noise from the jets to be problematic. Buyers who have found a home that they love can easily assess the noise level – whether that noise is coming from streets, planes, construction or anything else – by spending some time both inside and outside the potential home at different times of day.

One of the major positives for PebbleCreek is its location: less than half an hour by car from Phoenix, easy access to SkyHarbor airport, the benefits of urban amenities in a largely pastoral setting. That access comes at the price of roads and other modern conveniences which will, at times, create noise.

For me, by and large, nature’s birds are far more prevalent at my PebbleCreek home than the planes, but everyone experiences things differently. So, come and spend a day or two and see for yourself. I’d be delighted to show you around!