My advice for today?  Remain Flexible.

Your definition of the perfect home may change during the house hunting process.  Nothing wrong with that!

Generally, the process for choosing a home in a 55 Plus Community is fairly straightfoward:

  • Choose the climate and region of the country that works for you;
  • Narrow down the community that feels like home;
  • Study the floor plans and determine the price range that fits with your lifestyle;
  • Go house hunting.

And to that I would add a word of caution.  Staying within your price range, it is a good idea to remain informed but open as it relates to floorplan.    Here at PebbleCreek, for example, the builder built several different versions of a Topaz model.   The various models share some characteristcs – the kitchens are the same – but the bedrooms are laid out differently; some have an office, some don’t.  And the placement on the lot makes a big difference as it relates to the overall “feel of the house.”

Similarly, some previous owners of Topaz models have removed walls, changed the layout of bathrooms and completley changed the flow of the house.   Here at PebbleCreek, the Heritage model is another home that many previous owners have remodeled significantly.  So, while a home may be advertised as a particular model, its actual configuration may differ from published floorplans.

All that to say – it is a very good idea to have a model or two in mind as you start your search. But, if a house comes up that is in your price range and has the overall location that works for you – it is probably worth the 15 minutes to at least go and look at it even if you don’t think the model is a good fit.

The right house ends up being an intangible combination of floorplan, lot size/location, upgrades and amenities.  Make sure you don’t miss out on a great house simply because you don’t think the floorplan will work for you. Maybe that house that just popped up on the market in the right price range with the perfect lot may end up being what you were looking for all along.