Yes, as I write this, PebbleCreek is feeling the impact of the Covid 19 pandemic. Not gonna lie about that. Our HOA facilities, including pools, gyms, game courts, libraries – pretty much everything is closed.

And yet. For the last month or so, and perhaps most especially while many residents were attempting to keep some level of spring tradition alive this past weekend, there has been an underlying sense of gratitude and even – dare I say – light hearted fun (!) that has been evident to me.

First, and perhaps most obviously, our weather has been exquisite. Perfect temperatures (70s and low 80s), bright blue skies, low humidity. So many residents are out – biking, walking, visiting with each other from safe distances. Folks who would have previously excercised in a a gym or a pool are more visible than before and it has been fun to see so many neighbors!

Artists have been active too. One of the more heavily used walking paths has been decorated with sidewalk art for the last few weeks and some of our resident musicians are posting offerings of one kind of another on social media. The art club is having an online auction.

For many residents these last few days have marked important holidays and brought back generations of treasured memories. I was out several times … once to take a hike in a county park and once just to walk around PebbleCreek. Both were great, but the Sunday morning walk around our community was particularly fun: plastic eggs with chocolates and kind notes had been left scattered around the public areas by some residents and brought a smile to so many people (YES… I did have one of the tiny Milky Way bars!).

The golf courses remain open.. and even this weekend it was possible to get a t-time with less than 24 hours notice – much appreciated. In addition, I enjoyed a game of Bocce that was lovingly interrupted by the parade of golf carts that residents had put together to lift spirits and have some light hearted fun.

We have a restuarant that is open for take out and it seems to be doing a brisk business; I have a personal tradition of enjoying the Friday Fish Fry and it has been comforting to be able to enjoy that – especially with everything else that is simply not available right now.

Yes, this community is taking the risk the virus presents seriously, but underneath that seriousness the spirit of the community is resounding and strong. I count that as one of the benefits of living in a 55 Plus Active Adult Community – at this point, we have all been through things in life and we have developed some spunk and some resilience along the way!