I have yet to meet someone who has made it to 55 without a few battle scars.

By and large, an active adult 55 Plus Community is full of people who are energetic and brimming with life – but behind that energy, hidden just below the surface, is the story that fuels everything:   The difficult diagnosis.  The marriage breakdown.  The child who died tragically early, or is sick, or fell on bad times.  Perhaps there have been financial challenges, career misteps or care-taking responsibilities that have led to burn out and exhaustion.  We all have something, and most of us have lived more tough stories than we will ever want to tell.

It is not that we are a depressed lot.  Far from it.  PebbleCreekers have chosen to live here because we want to interact with people, try new things and pursue new hobbies and interests.   It is our life experience, though – particularly our challenging life experiences – that make this a relatively open community.  Many, many people – I would go so far as to say the vast majority of us – move to PebbleCreek in order to “push the reset button.”  It is a great place to build new friendships, interests and traditions in a beautiful setting that friends and family from a lifetime of experiences will want to visit.

We all get to that point where we just need a wholesale change…  some new energy…  fresh routines.  So many have found that new outlook right here at PebbleCreek.  If you ever want to visit, I and the rest of the PebbleCreek Real Estate Group, would welcome the opporutunity to share this community with you!