As a Realtor® working in a 55 Plus Community, I encounter people every day who are skeptical about living in an age-restricted place.  And I get it.   I was not so much skeptical as begnignly indifferent when I moved here.  I wanted access to the pools, the gyms, the clubhouses.  I wanted to be able to get around my neignborhood without a car.  I wanted it to be relatively easy to meet new people since I was moving from across the country and knew virutally no one when I arrived.

And I was not a parent of a young child who would be living with me.

Enter a 55 Plus Experience – (and I was 53 at the time!).    PebbleCreek became the only choice when I factored in the need for easy access to Sky Harbor International Airport and Palm Springs, CA.

So, I came for the pools and the easy access to I-10.  But I stay because there is something about tackling this next phase of life with folks who are facing similar challenges.  In many ways like a residential college experience, we have been thrown together with each other and we are building on what we have done our entire lives as we try to build a meaningful and substantial next life chapter.  (We are also part of extended families that love to visit and enjoy our amenities…  younger generations are always around!)

It is not uncommon to meet a PebbleCreeker who just finished that Ph.D, or decided to run for Public Office or is an almost-full-time-volunteer.  Others have discovered new talents in the arts, or decided to indulge in a passion for cooking or learning or sports.  Many balance part time professional commitments with other interests.  Almost everyone is trying to find ways to reach out and build meaningful and sustaining relationships, but how they go about that is as unique as the thousands of us who live here.

The experience of living in PebbleCreek is what you make of it.  But to me, living in an active adult community – far from being stifling – is a daily encouragement to stay active and involved with life.  In other words – to stay young.