Be Patient With Yourself!

There is likely no better place than an Active Adult Community like PebbleCreek to begin to build your next chapter.  But Rome wasn’t built in a day!  Most folks move here from somewhere else in the country – so, by the time the Pod or the moving van is unpacked, new residents are just physcially exhusted and emotionally worn out  from the stresses (and the excitement!) of leaving careers and familiar environments behind.  Then there are the routine tasks of re-establishing daily routines and all the rest of it.  Moving takes time and energy.   

But here’s the thing: no matter where you move, those moving transitions are going to exist.  The move to a 55 Plus Community makes sense because after the move has been well accomplished (and it will be!), there are literally endless opportunities to persue.

So, it is very common – I can almost put a timer on it! – for a new resident to ask themself if moving here was the right choice.   And  I can set a similar timer as they begin to see that yes, living here offers endless opportunity.   If you are moving in to a 55 Plus Community, here are some of my tips to help make the transition as seamless as possible.

  • Have realistic expectations of yourself.  You may not have the energy or the time when you first move in to get involved in the community. That’s okay.  Retirement is a PROCESS…  you can wait a few years to try out for the play or take that watercolor class.  Get your home set up, feel comfortable in your new surroundings – and then branch out at your own pace!
  • That being said, pick one activity – just one – and make a point to attend it faithfully.  You will get to know a small group of people with a similar interest.  If you are moving with a spouse, don’t be afraid to choose an activity and go by yourself.
  • If you are eating in the restaurants, make it a habit to sit at the bar rather than at a table; you’ll be surprised how many interesting conversations you can have.
  • Make friends with the folks in the HOA office.  Stop by and find out what information they have for new homeowners.

Most of us understand that we need to plan diligently and thoughtfully for the financial aspects of retirement – and, if we are lucky, we have successfully done that.  It is just as important to plan for the social and intellectual transitions – which is why moving to PebbleCreek can make so much sense.  Once you know where the grocery store is and the car is registered and you like the paint color in your great room – it will be time to step out and find all that PebbleCreek has to offer – and it will all be here waiting.