There are costs of moving beyond the actual expense of the house.

Some of those costs are related to lost time and energy – all of the effort that goes in to organizing a move, saying goodbye, integrating completely in to a new community, giving things away, etc…  The list is long and can be exhausting to even begin to think about.

And there are financial costs of moving.   In addition to costs for  movers and sometimes storage, there are title costs as well as home owners association and tax implications.  Utilities can charge start up fees.  If you are a seller, there may well be deferred maintenance items that need attention; for buyers there are often costs related to interim housing.

Here is an example of closing fees in PebbleCreek:

  • An escrow fee, usually under $1,000 will be charged to both the buyer and the seller.
  • The AZ contract includes verbage compelling the seller to provide the buyer with a title insurance policy – generally under $1,500.
  • The Buyer is responsible for the Community Enhancement Fee… roughly $2,600.
  • Both buyer and seller will be charged a proration for the property tax bill based on the number of days of the year that they own the property.  A similar proration will be done for HOA dues.  To help you estimate the impact,  property taxes and HOA fees are clearly listed on MLS listings.
  • As of this typing, PebbleCreek has an HOA transfer fee of effectively $400.
  • When a mortgage is invloved, lenders will also have associated fees such as appraisals, points, notary fees, etc…

Many people, when budgeting for a move, decide to do a lot of the physical packing themselves.   I have had clients get up a 3 AM everyday for weeks in order to pack.  I have watched clients spend countless hours packing in the summer despite the fact that no amount of air conditioning could cool down the house enough to make the task comfortable.  Of course, packing yourself also means living in a progressively dismantled home for weeks.  And then, predicatably,   a muscle is pulled, adding physical pain to what is already an exhausting and stressful situation.

For many people, packing yourself amounts to a false economy.   It makes sense to pack your most precious items yourself, but after doing that, it also makes sense to at least find out how much a moving company would charge to do the packing.  And then weigh that cost with the reality of spending weeks hot, tired and exhausted.  ( And remember that packing will not be free for if you do it…  you will have costs for boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, tape, trips back and forth the store to pick up more boxes,  etc….)

Either way, packing yourself or not, it is important to take breaks.  Schedule a day off.  Safeguard some energy for whatever is coming next…  you are moving for a reason!  Make sure that there is energy left over to enjoy your next steps!