We have five public pools at PebbleCreek – two at each clubhouse and one new pool that is perfect for informal gatherings.   When I first moved here, I swam quite a bit, making my way back and forth across the Tuscany Falls pool in my version of the breast stroke.  But, inevitably, I hurt myself playing Pickle Ball and the only exercise I could really do while I was healing was pool walking.  And it turns out that perhaps I have found my sport!  Click here to read out more about PebbleCreek activities.

At first I thought that I had reached a new low as I walked back and forth across the pool.   I told myself that I was healing and would be back to my sporty life in no time (oh, the lies we tell ourselves!)  In reality, I really enjoy pool walking.  First of all, my hair never gets wet – a plus!  And, it can be somewhat social.  There are quite a few of us who are into pool walking and I have met the nicest folks just walking back and forth across the pool – one of my recent conversations was with someone from my hometown! We never would have connected if I had been doing my slow breast stroke across the pool.

One of our pools is set up with a resistance current for walking, but I have had some success just moving back and forth across a lane using water weights to challenge myself.  It’s not complicated, I enjoy listening to the piped in music, and I feel like I have had a great workout by the time that I am done.

There is also an established water volleyball game that takes place here at PebbleCreek several times a week.  It is open to everybody, free and another creative way to get exercise in the pool if you just can’t get in to swimming laps.

PebbleCreek offers endless fitness options – work out in the gym, hire a trainer, bike ride, golf, swim, dance, hike…  it is fun to try new things and find new talents to develop.   I will not be wasting any time developing my softball abilities (a futile enterprise at best although it is available here) but I just may invest in some heavier water weights – this pool walking is growing on me!