Thanksgiving feels like it is coming REALLY early this year…  there will be almost a full week left of November after the holiday weekend.  And, as a midwestern/East Coast girl, our stunning 80 degree (plus!) weather with blue skies and palm trees is not quite the setting that I associate with the holiday.

And yet.

PebbleCreek is definitely gearing up.  For starters, families are arriving by the mini-van and spilling in to the gyms, the restaurants and the golf courses.  Teenagers are enjoying the freedom to work out on the gym equipment; their parents are playing golf and working out too.  Families with young children are filling up the children’s wading pool area and enjoying snacks while they play with their kids.  Once the mini-van is parked, golf carts and bikes are the preferred method of transportation.   

And then, dinners are being planned.  Not everyone has family settling in for the week, so,  many potluck-style events are spontaneously popping up. My favorite thing to take to a holiday gathering is PIES!   A local favorite is Village Inn – their pies always add a sense of celebration.  If you are not in to pies, Nothing Bundt Cakes has a pumpkin spice offering during the holidays that is “to die for.”  And, of course, local grocery stores like Fry’s and Safeway are always ready with all the fixins.   Bulk shopping stores, such as Costco,  also have a devoted following.

Locally, many enjoy holiday dinners at The Wigwam.

After the football games and the parade, the next order of business for many PebbleCreekers will be to set up exterior holiday lights…  with darkness settling in early this time of year, evenings offer plenty of time to take a walk and enjoy the displays.

For many people, moving to a new community means developing new traditions.  Whether family is gathering, new friends are creating fresh memories or you just want to watch the parades and the football in your pajamas while eating a pizza –  there may be no easier place to build on former holiday traditions than PebbleCreek!