The Villas are relatively new to the active adult lifestyle in PebbleCreek.   Marketed as “Lock and Leave” properties, the first ones were built since I moved here four years ago.  Villas have become very popular with several different groups – folks who want to own property here but still have a primary residence elsewhere, single people, couples who are selling their larger PebbleCreek properties but want to stay in the community and those who just don’t want to bother with yardwork. Ever. Again.

The “Lock and Leave” feature means that the HOA takes care of all of the external maintenance of the property – the roof, the stucco, the painting, the pest control, the landscaping  – even the insurance on the external part of the property.  If the irrigation system breaks – that’s on the HOA.    As I write this, the HOA monthly fee is $155 a month.   Folks who live in the Villas also pay the regular HOA fee to PebbleCreek which is currently about $225 a month.

Where I come from, the Villas would have been called “Twin” properties – homes that share a common wall.  Unlike the single family homes in PebbleCreek (which are block construction), the Villas are framed out in wood.

Up until very recently, the only way to purchase a Villa was to have one built as new construction.   But now, they are starting to c -r -e -e -p in to resales.  Depnding on size, amenities chosen at construction and location they vary in price from just under $300,000 to closer to $400,000.  For many people, who prefer new construction, Villas are the most affordable option.  However, they can move on and off the market VERY quickly; because they are rare, resale Villas can be sold even before they officially hit the market.  SO…  if you are interested in a Villa,  give me a call so that I can be on the lookout for you; Villas can be sold before the ever show up on real estate website.

Villas are currently being built on the south side of the Tuscany Falls property near the new Oasis Pool Complex.    The first Villas were built on the northern side of Tuscany Falls, closer to the main clubhouse facilities.