Most folks don’t want to sit in their homes all day. Ultimately, the LOCATION of the home – both the primary neighborhood (PebbleCreek for example) and the broader community (such as the west valley of Phoenix), are critically important considerations when buying a house.

The west valley of Phoenix used to be predominantly cotton fields.   And there is still some agriculture to be found; but in even the five years that I have lived in PebbleCreek in Goodyear, AZ, our surrounding community has grown…  and grown…  and grown again.

The number – and the variety – of new homes being built in the communities surrounding PebbleCreek cannot be missed.   Examples include the new Liv Apartment complex, the KB Homes development and of course the Robson Reserve independent and assisted care.

All of this new construction – and the resulting increase in population – is a big driver in our economic development.  There is a great deal of truth to the notion that corporations follow roof counts.  The more people that live here, the more options we have for restaurants, shopping and other amenities.

In addition to housing, we are also seeing booming corporate commitment.  It is exciting to see Andersen Windows moving here and creating 400 jobs at the same time.  And a developer just bought 36 acres with the intention of adding new retailers and restaurants to our mix. 

The 303 corridor is adding to the economic basis of our city while at the same time making good use of our proximity to the major cross-country I-10 expressway.

I have several other blog posts about the cultural opportunities around PebbleCreek… and there are many. As economic factors lead to continued growth, I can only imagine that our cultural offerings will further develop as well.

It is also true that as the West Valley booms, there are individual opportunities to make an impact. Faith communities are being planted, new industry is arriving, new leaders continue to emerge. There is nothing “settled” about what is happening here.

Strong economic health is vital to the overall vibrancy of a community.  The shared tax base is important and so is the synergy that comes from more and more corporate and entrepreneurial ventures taking root.   When you visit PebbleCreek, make sure to take a little time to investigate the local neighborhoods – there is a lot happening!