Over the course of my (increasingly long!) life, I have not given the sun much more than a moment’s thought.   I’ve been aware of it, of course, in the sense that day is day and night is night and the sun has something to do with all of that.  But the landscapes of the East coast cities where I spent the last 30 years don’t leave much space to watch the daily rising and setting of the sun.

Phoenix is different.  Our state flag features a solar burst.  Our roads are set through vast expanses of land that offer views of blazing magenta and orange. Homes here tend to be built on one level (cheaper to air condition than multi-level!) so that sunset and sunrise are woven in to our days in ways that almost demand that we notice.  And really see.   Many of the homes for sale in PebbleCreek have incredible views; check out some of the photos here.

Sunrise – what a gift.  In January it is still cool outside in the early morning…  perfect for a sweatshirt and a blanket with a freshly brewed latte.   The sky is often – not always – a miracle of color.  The birds are busy.  The occasional neighbor walks by.

And I find myself very grateful that I moved here.