I am still relishing the memories of the holidays.  We have all lived long enough to know that not every holiday season is wonderful – but every once in a while, a set of hopes and plans comes together to create a wonderful memory.   My planning almost always starts with the PebbleCreek Post – a monthly publication of all things happening here.  You can see it from a link on my Activities Page

This season, I attended three performances – 2 at the PebbleCreek Theatre and one at the Phoenix Theater downtown.  I had never been to the Phoenix Theatre   before, but now that I know how easy it is to get there from PebbleCreek, I am looking forward to another visit.  The drive is easy – under 30 minutes if you plan it right and avoid rush hour.  Parking is free and ample.  The lobby is nicely set up with a bar (where I ran in to fellow Creekers!) and a separate coffee niche.  There is even a restaurant if you plan ahead.  The theatre itself is cozy – roughly 300 seats – so no need to bring binoculars!  Billy Elliott was playing over the holidays and the production was top notch – a wonderful way to spend Christmas Eve.

Not to be outdone, PebbleCreek had several productions of its own over the holidays.   I attended the Nelson Christmas Show and a piano/tribute performance of Billy Joel and Elton John’s music. Let’s be honest.   Nelson is a band composed of two grandchildren of Ozzie and Harriet – a famous TV couple I had heard of but had never seen or much cared to see.  I was going to the show to be with friends (Nelson did two shows and both were sold out, so lots of people attended), but had little expectation of the performers.   Boy, I am glad that I let myself try something new!  The show was great!  Matthew and Gunnar Nelson were raised in the 1970’s (so was I) and I was completely able to relate to their performance.   I was also lucky enough to be invited to dinner before the show.  Oh My Goodness. Drinks were served on the patio as the sun set and the sit down dinner was elegant, relaxed and delicious.  What a surprising night!

The Billy Joel/Elton John performance was equally surprising.  Let’s be clear here:  I have seen the original performers live (in Billy’s case, several times), so again, my expectations were low.  But the price was right ($15) and why not?  AGAIN, a truly enjoyable evening that at some point stopped being a tribute show and ended up a celebration of performers who are talented in their own right with an audience that shares a community we care deeply about.  (Check out the link by clicking here.)  The PebbleCreek bars/restaurants are usually busy on show nights and it was great to catch up with friends after the show.