With a bit of discretionary time, incredible weather and state of the art fitness facilities, many PebbleCreek residents find that they are in the best physical shape of their adult lives.  I kid you not.  Exercise can easily be built in to any day.  Click here to read more about the fitness facilities.

But even with all of that,  it helps to be a bit flexible!

Yesterday, I headed out to a Zumba class, only to find that the class was cancelled so that the dance studio floors could be refinished.  Okay, not a problem.   I figured I would go and walk on a treadmill instead.  Until I started to talking to the folks who were waiting for the Full Body Conditioning class that was scheduled for an adjoining studio.     They were unanimous and encouraging that what I really should do was join their class.  

Full Body Conditioning sounds a bit intimidating.

And yet.

I decided to give it a try.  I was adopted for the hour.  Two folks helped me get the equipment out and set up.  The instructor made sure I was comfortable.  Another class member stopped by after class to visit and find out how I had done – and we found out that we used to live on the SAME STREET in Illinois.

I don’t know if I will go back.  I am more of a Zumba person than a muscle gal (my core muscles wish that were not true!), but I am so grateful for the encouragement of everyone around me who almost insisted that I try something new and then made me feel welcome and glad that I stepped out of my comfort zone.

THAT is why I live in PebbleCreek.  I want to meet new people, be encouraged to try new things and to maybe – just maybe – get in the best shape of my adult life!