I just got home from spending a few days (literally a few days!) in Ireland.   My heritage is Irish and I still do have family in County Clare – but, trust me,  I don’t take the opportunity to travel for granted.  In fact, with my family flung far and wide,  easy proximity to Phoenix’s Sky Harbor Airport was a MAJOR reason that I chose to move to PebbleCreek.

This recent trip was all about the music!  And perhaps it was also about a few pints as well…..

Here at PebbleCreek, many of us travel fairly extensively – and that travel takes all sort of forms.  For some, the ease of taking a trip organized by our Activities Office is a wonderful, no pressure way to plan and go.   All of the planning is done – just enjoy!   Many folks enjoy cruising – of all kinds.   Some PebbleCreek residents  swear by Carnival and others  enjoy Viking River Cruises (I am probably a little bit of both!)   And keeping up with family and friends from around the world definitely motivates just about everyone to travel at least a little bit!   (So does our summer heat – no doubt about that!)

For many, many of us, retirement means the opportunity to create adventures, build new memories and tackle new landscapes.  It’s not everday of course – for sure I have PLENTY of days that are about making tuna salad sandwiches and getting the laundry done.  But incorporating the opportunity to travel in to the retirement lifestyle is part of what makes PebbleCreek the right choice for so many of us!

Posted by Kathy Byrnes on Friday, May 4, 2018