One of the primary reasons to hire a Realtor® to help with buying and selling a home is because the Realtor has relationships with all of the people necessary to facilitate the transaction.   And that is a lot of people.

For starters, there is the photographer and the sign post installer – and sometimes the stager.  Then, there is the home inspector, the title company, the mortgage lender or the bank.  Somtimes we are dealing with a window inspector, a pool inspector, an A/C inspector and somebody to look at the roof.   Then, there is the HOA which is part of any transaction, and any one sale can involve any number of other specialistists depending on the specific needs of the buyer and the seller.

So, when a buyer comes in to PebbleCreek with an agent who does not typically work here, the buyer is bringing in all of the contacts that go with that agent.  For example, a Scottsdale agent is likely to have preferred home inspectors that work in Scottsdale.    Scottsdale is close to Goodyear, don’t get me wrong, but the building codes are not the same.  The inspector may not be aware of the Robson block construction and the typical bumps and bruises that are seen here in PebbleCreek.   The Scottsdale agent will have preferred title contacts that are miles away from Goodyear and not convenient for Goodyear sellers.  Not to mention, that “out of range” title company may not have worked with our HOA before – an issue that does result in incorrect settlement sheets that eventually have to be corrected.

When a seller uses an “out of range” agent, the issues are the same.  Those sellers are cutting themselves off from the synergies that PebbleCreek agents have with each other.  It is not unheard of, for example,  for a PebbleCreek agent to connect buyers and sellers before a home even goes on the MLS. PebbleCreek agents know the local everybodys…  the local agents, title, the local lenders, the local inspectors…  and we know the ins and outs of the HOA…  a HUGE advantage when marketing a home.

Of course, no shame here, I hope, if you are not currently working with someone, that you would consider working with me if you are considering buying or selling.  But there are OVER 20 PebbleCreek resident Realtors.  Surely, one of them would be a good match if you want to initiate a real estate transaction here!