Showing homes to visitors is one of the best parts of my job. I LOVE taking folks around PebbleCreek, showing them homes and introducing them to our community.

So, it is not without some sadness that I am realizing how much the home showing experience here – at least in the near term – is likely to be changing.

Some sellers who continue to reside in their homes during the marketing process are seeking to limit access to their homes to only the most serious of buyers. There are brokerages that are requiring signed paperwork from potential buyers certifying that those buyers have no know exposure to the virus before the brokerage will allow access to a property. Face masks, gloves, shoe coverings and hand sanitizer are beginning to play predominantly in any home tour.

And… to make it a little more crazy… each home will have a different set of restrictions – including some homes that will have no restrictions at all.

What does this mean for you if you are ready to get serious about buying a home in PebbleCreek?

First of all, it is DEFINITELY still possible to physically preview homes that are for sale. But some new realities are emerging:

  • Physcal previewing will likely be limited strictly to the potential buyers.
  • Video tours will grow in popularity: let me know if you would like me to video chat with you from a particular home – I would be more than happy to request permission to do that!
  • Potential buyers should expect to provide their own transportaton. (You’ll just follow me in your own car….I have not lost anybody yet!!!)
  • For the time being, many home owners will require everyone to wear masks, gloves and foot coverings. While I have limited amounts of these items, if you would feel most comfortable in your own mask, by all means bring it! If gloves and foot coverings are required, we will rely on the seller to provide those items.
  • Online research is critically important! Check out the floor plans, the photos, the maps and the virtual tours that are available on this website and through other real estate sites.
  • If you expect to use mortgage financing, get prequalified in advance and have that documentation with you.

All of this to say… YES… plan on coming to PebbleCreek to see homes; there are many on the market and we can go see the ones that best fit your specific criteria. But plan on some extra flexibility as we work to make the home seeking process safe and healthy for everyone.