Many PebbleCreekers head down to Rocky Point, Mexico (Puerto Penasco) for the occasional beach get-away.   Located on the Sea of Cortez, the beach resort village is just a four hour drive from PebbleCreek.

I went with a small group (including a teenager!) for New Year’s Eve and then spent a couple of extra days mostly watching sunrises and sunsets over the water and reading a few books.   I had absolutely no expectations and – with the same level of expectation – would definitely go again.

A huge plus was affordability.  San Diego would have taken about the same amount of time to escape to… but it would have been a completely different experience and cost (much) more.

The highlight of the trip for me was watching the sun over the water – the views ARE wonderful.  And, I also enjoyed being FORCED to slow down.   Truly – there is very little to do (it was the off season, and I can’t speak for how it feels during school breaks and the heat of the summer).  I am one of those people who, if I am home, will find SOMETHING that needs to be done – so, if I want to truly relax, I really have to leave.

I also felt safe there… and most people that I talk to about Rocky Point would say the same thing.  That being said, we didn’t push it – we did our exploring during the day, stayed in at night and used the trip as a respite of sorts.

PebbleCreek does offer the occasional group trip to Rocky Point, and I know people who have taken advantage of that offering.  It’s a good way to meet neighbors and, perhaps, be more active than we were on our own.

American dollars are readily accepted and we did not run in to any staff member at the resort or the local restaurants who did not speak excellent English.

After spending the better part of a week there, here are some of my thoughts:

  1. Rocky Point IS Mexico and driving there involves a border crossing.   We crossed at Lukeville, AZ .  For us, passports in hand, the crossing in to Mexico was a non-event.  The agents asked us to open our (completely full) trunk, and that was it.  No line.  On our way quickly.   The return to the United States was a bit more of a line (maybe 20 minutes), and the agents did look at our passports – but we were not detained and were not subject to inspections. There were also two subsequent checkpoints, one felt to be about 15 miles into Arizona and a second an additional ten miles or so out.  We were basically waved through those.
  2. We ordered Mexican car insurance for less than $100 before we left Phoenix – our US insurance would not cover us in Mexico.
  3. Our GPS worked in Mexico – a good thing.  And the road from the border to the resorts (maybe 60 miles) was paved and familiar.  But off of the main drag, it was surprising to see how many of the roads – internationally recognized and on the GPS system – were packed dirt.   I did wonder every once in a while about the car’s tires!
  4. Our agenda was book reading, sun watching, puzzle doing and catching up on sleep.  Our condo had a fabulous balcony – and the resort (which was right on the beach) had a pool.  If we had been looking for night life, great restaurants, fabulous entertainment, etc… we would have been disappointed.  Rocky Point has a feeling of the unfinished; several condo buildings were started at one point and abandoned – several dreams deferred.   For our purposes, the condo was all that we needed.
  5. We brought food and water with us and ate just a few meals out.  I would definitely plan on bringing breakfast foods with you at the very least.  My favorite restaurant meals were shrimp fajitas at The Point and a shrimp platter at Wrecked at the Reef.


  1. I might pay more attention to the condo rental. The condos are individually owned and I definitely wanted more of a kitchen than we booked.  Ours did not have a cork screw (excuse me?), had some drawers that were falling apart and the toaster, which was used daily, was on its last legs.  We could have done better.
  2. I might ask more about the resort itself. We stayed at the Sonoran Sun – and arrived to find that their main pool was closed for maintenance.  They had another pool so it wasn’t a catastrophe, but it would have been helpful to know that before we arrived.  I might have also checked out reviews for the onsite restaurants; it is not a simple thing to go from resort to resort so a well-reviewed on site facility is a real plus.

In short, the trip was relaxing and affordable and is perfect for anyone who needs to chill out, catch some rays, maybe drink a few cocktails and create some memories.