The list of characteristics that add up to excellence in residential real estate sales is a long one. But when it comes down to choosing a Realtor® to work with in selling your home, the formula is  pretty straightforward.

As the graphic above describes, fully 93% of people find their next home from three sources:  51% find their new home on the internet, 34% are alerted by their agent and 8% notice a yard sign.  Trust me, in active adult communities like PebbleCreek the formula does not differ.  At 55 Plus, we may not have gone to school with computers, but we use them everyday!

So, given the statistics, sales agents should focus their efforts primarily on the internet and relationships with other agents.  What does that mean?  Critically, it means that sales agents should be hiring professional photographers that specialize in residential real estate.  Why? Those photos BECOME the internet presence of the home.  Every virtual tour, MLS listing and website download is going to start with those photos.  Potential buyers study those photos.

Some  agents are tempted to pull out their cell phone camera (after all, those cameras have come a long way!) and take photos.   Do not let that happen!  A good agent will happily hire a specialty photographer to make sure that your home stands out on the internet.

Relationships with local agents are also critical – which is why I am proud to be part of the PebbleCreek Real Estate Group™.  It is just human nature – people like to work with people they know and like.  So, if an agent has buyers in town and is choosing between two similar homes to show those buyers, they will likely show the listing of a friend ahead of a listing from someone they don’t know.  Naturally, buyer’s agents want to sell homes and will show any home to make that happen, but when they have a choice, relationships matter.  For the same reason, sellers need to be sure that their contract is written so that the buyer’s agent gets fairly compensated; if two similar homes are on the market and an agent gets paid more to sell one than the other.. which one do you think the Realtor® is going to show?   A good agent is not a lone-ranger… but a strong cog in a network of professionals.

There are many other criteria that go in to a successful sale:  pricing, staging, ease of showing.  But when it comes to developing a strategy, the research is fairly clear:  a strong sales philosophy includes creating an amazing internet presence, networking continually and supportively with local agents, and putting up a For Sale sign!