Even strong offers get turned down.

Maybe the seller needed an earlier closing date than you could offer.  Perhaps the idea of someone else’s all-cash offer (and no appraisal requirement!) was attractive.  It is possible that someone agreed to buy all the furniture, relieving the seller of the task of moving or disposing of it.  Or it could be that the seller really does not want to sell afterall.   There are innumerable reasons why an offer could be turned down.

The first thing to realize is that there is usually nothing personal about it.  Sellers are evaluating dollars and cents, dates and convenience.   In a relatively small community like PebbleCreek, I have seen many buyers go through making several offers on different homes before one is accepted.  It gets discouraging and can be stressful – but it happens.

The second thing to remember is that before you wanted any one particular house, you wanted to live in PebbleCreek. So, keep the bigger picture in mind.  Another house will come along and the fact that many people want to live here is long term good news for all of us.

But you also want to be honest with yourself.  The PebbleCreek sellers are a relatively savvy bunch and low ball offers are not going to fly here.   So, if you have lost out on more than one home, it is worthwhile to evaluate whether the offers you are making are fair ones. Many people enter this market thinking that they are going to make a low offer, go through a counter offer process and arrive at a deal significantly under asking.   This approach often results in insulted sellers who don’t even bother to negotiate.  So, be careful with that.

All of that being said, a residentPebbleCreek Realtor® is your best defense. We can network with the other agent involved to learn the specific needs of the seller so that your offer will be as attractive as possible, we can educate you on the local market and provide information about recent sales to help develop fair offers and we can keep you apprised of homes that are coming on the market – some times before they even hit the MLS.