For most, the move to PebbleCreek is all about exciting life changes – meeting new people, developing long delayed interests, challenging assumptions about what retirement looks like.

Over and over again, the PebbleCreek Active Adult experience meets those expectations – and often exceeds them. One need only look at our continued growth and increasing property values to see that we are a community in demand.

But life does occasionally throw massive curve balls; for example, I recently spent time with two different women who moved here within the last two years and experienced unexpected and painful challenge. Their stories are not unfamiliar: both of them moved to Arizona from a different state and have no immediate family here; both moved to PebbleCreek with strong and active husbands; and, as a result of their husbands’ serious and unexpected incapacitation, both find themselves navigating life on there own right now.

Somewhat suprisingly to me, as we talked about the challenges that they are facing, I primarily heard stories of gratitude for the life enhancing support that they are receiving from their PebbleCreek neighbors – neighbors who as recently as two years ago were total strangers. Holidays are already being planned, folks are re-arranging schedules to provide support. New and sustainable bonds of DNA-level-friendships are being woven together.

Of course, everthing happens in PebbleCreek just like everything happens anywhere else. Despite the dynamic lifestyle that most experience, at times, people do become seriously ill and some die. Some marriages that the move to PebbleCreek was meant to sustain ultimately fall apart. Bodies can be permanently broken. Spirits can be crushed.

But there is a safety net here. Every resident of a 55 Plus community, almost by definition, has endured some bumps along life’s road. The silver lining in those experiences shows up when a new friend really needs support – and having been the recipient of that support in the past – most residents are more than eager to creatively and reliably step in to provide what can only be called life changing assistance.