Home Inspectors are licensed professionals who evaluate the overall condition of a home.  A typical inspection takes about three hours and, depending on the home’s square footage, costs somewhere in the range of $400 – $600.

It is routine for a home buyer of a resale property to order a home inspection – and it should be!  But a home inspector can provide valuable insight at any point in the home ownership experience.

Inspectors look at lots of things. They walk the roof and make sure that the tiles are intact and the various openings are sealed.  Inspectors test windows, electrical systems and water flow.  They examine the HVAC unit and test for hot water.  Part of their job is to crawl between the ceiling and the roof to check out the wiring and insulation.  Outside, inspectors look for irrigation leaks, test garage doors and evaluate stucco, painting and concrete.  When they are done, it is typical for an inspector to provide a multi-page report, photos and a face to face consultation to discuss any findings.

  • Home owners who are seeking to sell their homes can benefit from a thorough and impartial evaluation of their home systems.  With advance notice of anything that may need attention, sellers can proceed confidently through the sales process with time to make thoughtful decisions (in consultation with their Realtor®!) about how to address potential repairs.
  • Home owners in new homes with expiring warranties should also hire a home inspector.  It only makes sense to ask a third party professional to evaluate a home’s systems before a warranty expires and the cost of any repairs comes out of the owners’ pocket.
  • Any home owner who wants to proactively maintain their home can benefit from the neutral eye of an inspector as well.  Many home owners adopt an “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” approach to home repairs, but that approach can lead to delayed maintenance problems – especially with systems such as roofs, that are invisible to most home owners. 

HVAC units don’t generally fail at a convenient time.  Neither do water heaters or patio roofs.   Knowing about potential maintenance issues and thoughtfully handling them before they become full-blown and costly problems can offer peace of mind to any home owner.