There are many 55 plus active adult communities in the Phoenix area. As a Realtor who specializes in this community, I am asked all of the time, “Why PebbleCreek?”

It is an important question. In fact, for almost everyone, the community selection comes before the home choice. While there is a wide range of housing available here, ranging from the mid $200,000s to over $1 million dollars, PebbleCreek will never be the most affordable option (and it won’t be the most expensive either!). Still, the typical buyer will have to figure it out – what is most important: Live in PebbleCreek? Or buy a more affordable home somewhere else?

For me, the reasons to choose PebbleCreek over the various other options boil down to three things: Location, Vibrancy and It Feels Like Home.


Location is everything in real estate. PebbleCreek is located just a mile off of the critical I-10 Expressway with easy access to Phoenix (about 30 minutes) and Palm Springs, CA (more like 3 hours). The community is in the thriving city of Goodyear with all of the shopping and economic growth that emerging cities enjoy. For those who want the cultural resources of a big city with the more pastoral aspects of a typical suburban neighborhood, PebbleCreek could not be more ideally located.


You can’t miss the vibrancy here. Even if you come in the summer… there will be folks at the gyms or the pools, residents playing golf and people in the restaurants. Life DOES slow down, but those of us who are year round residents enjoy and take advantage of the relaxed pace.

And there is a wide range of people that live here. YES… we are a 55 Plus community, but you only need to have one person who is at least 40 years old to actually move in; so, we are far from all the same in any way – including age.

In addition, we we are a Robson Community that continues to have new construction – so we are bringing in potential residents who want both new and resale properties, making us attractive to a wide range of buyers. Somebody new is always moving in.


We have resort-like amenities, a great location and plenty of people to get to know. There are things to do. We are gated with a 24 hour guard and roving patrol. But at the end of the day, the question is “Does PebbleCreek feel like home?” For some, a more rural community – further out from Phoenix – is going to be the only choice; inevitably, some will evaluate our lifestyle and want something else. For me, there was not even a close second when it came to choosing Pebblecreek.

I also see buyers for whom the house is the only necessary definition of “home” and the community lifestyle that comes with the house is not considered at all. Maybe that approach works for some people – I guess it does, because I see it all the time. But I have also seen the other side of those decisions where people LOVE their homes, but just can’t live in the community they ended up choosing based solely on the house. As this mistake generally results in moving to the community that would have been right in the first place, it is generally cheaper to make the right decision the first time out even if the initial outlay is a bit more!

As a Realtor, I can’t help define what feels like home to you, but I know you will recognize it when you find it.

By and large, choosing a home in the active 55 Plus Community that is right for you boils down to 25% research and 75% gut feel. If I had one piece of advice it would be to take the community seriously. Talk to people. Visit. Get to know it. And if you want to investigate PebbleCreek, please don’t hesitate to give me a call!