Wildlife World is pretty amazing. Whether it’s that you are visiting PebbleCreek and want to venture out “beyond our gates”, or you have guests in town who want something local to explore – or you have lived here for years and just want to try something new (that would be me!) , Wildlife World is – in the words of my 16 year old nephew – a “hidden gem.”

Just a ten minute drive from PebbleCreek, Wildlife World is a zoo, an aquarium and a small amusement part all wrapped up in one property – with a Dillon’s restaurant/bar added on for good measure.

I went to the park with a small family group over President’s Day weekend. We were surprised so many times. Feeding the giraffes from high platforms was an incredible highlight that had us questioning why other zoos don’t have the same exhibit. The lions were regal and seemed to be just a few feet away from us. The peacocks were strutting and the monkeys were playful. And yes, I touched the stingrays too!

A first for sure!

We particularly enjoyed – and were surprised by – the African Safari tour and the sky ride. Each ride was $6 and we felt that we spent our money well. In the summer, we might have enjoyed the log flume ride – those have always been fun for me.

I had never fed giraffes before!

Dillon’s has its own exterior entrance… and is also accessible thru the aquarium.

Here are some of our tips for a successful visit:

  • Arrive Early. We went on a holiday weekend, and the property filled up as the day went on, but by arriving early we felt like we had a few hours to explore without crowds.
  • Get a coupon. Coupons for $5 off are easy to find in local newspapers like the West Valley View.
  • Bring cash. Credit cards are accepted at the park entrance, but inside the park is cash only; that means the rides, the snack bars (not the Dillon’s Restaurant which is credit card friendly), feeding the fish etc… only accept cash. Giraffe feeding – a must do – is paid for by buying giraffe food using quarters.
  • Think about school groups. During the school week, there are likely to be school groups in the park; it might be wise to arrive early or time your entry for mid afternoon to miss the crowds. That being said, it is a large facility and there is likely room for everyone!